Ned2 is a 6-axis collaborative robot designed for Education, Research, and Industry 4.0 that uses open-source technologies to prototype and learn.

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The Niryo Ned 2 is a 6-axis robotic arm that was created to help you with your workstation and process automation applications. It’s a full, reprogrammable solution for manufacturers looking to automate one end of their production line.

This arm also has a didactic vocation and allows the discovery of robotics, mechanics, electronics, programming and much more. It allows teachers to create practical projects that engage students and provide them with a greater sense of learning pleasure.Educational staff and students can reproduce industrial use cases.

Ned2 has a maximum reach of 44 cm from its base and can carry weights up to 300 g. It offers a precision and movement repeatability of approximately 0.5 mm.

The Ned2 robot has additional capabilities that allow you to interface with the machine quickly thanks to its strong Raspberry Pi 4 microcontroller and 64-bit ARM processor.

  • The LED ring and loudspeakers give the different visual and audio indications required to quickly determine the robot’s state.
  • You may switch to “Freemotion” mode and create your motion sequences in Niryo Studio using a control panel on Ned2’s wrist.
  • You can also set one of the control panel’s buttons to perform a succession of pre-programmed actions with a single press.
A complete Industry 4.0 training ecosystem requires accessories:
How control Ned?
  • Using the control panel on the robot’s wrist, move your robot’s arm with your fingertips using the “Freemotion” mode.
  • Use Niryo Studio, our visual and intuitive programming interface based on Blockly, and create your programs by selecting multiple blocks.
  • With its digital inputs and outputs, control Ned2 with an Arduino board or a Raspberry Pi.
  • Control Ned2 via our Python and Modbus APIs, or dive into the heart of the robot by developing your own ROS nodes in Python or C++. Develop new ways to control Ned2 for your different projects.

Number of axis 6
Weight 7 kg
Payload 300 g
Max Reach 440 mm
Precision +- 0,5 mm
Repeatability +- 0,5 mm
Power Supply 12 Volts / 7A
Communication Ethernet 1 Gb/s
WIFI 2,4GHz & 5GHz – 802.11 g/g/n/ac – (~31 dBm, <80dBm)
USB 2.0 and 3.0
Interface/Programming Windows/MacOS/Linux (desktop application) & APIs
Power consumption ~ 60 W
Materials Aluminum, PLA (3D printing)
Ports 1 Ethernet + 2 USB 3.0 + 2 USB 2.0

3 control buttons (‘‘FreeMotion’’ button, button to save a pose and ‘‘Custom’’ button)


LED Ring



Collision detection sensor Magnetic sensor (on motor)