Adaptive Gripper – Ned2

This adaptable gripper for the Niryo Ned2 6-axis robot arm is ideal for handling more complex objects such as circular items, pens, eggs, etc.

You may use this gripper, which is only compatible with the Ned2 robot, to grab non-standard things that are difficult to handle with conventional grippers, such as circular objects, pens, apples, eggs, and so on.

You may be confident that the object will be appropriately captured in the gripper’s core.

This gripper is ideal for fragile goods or those with irregular shapes. Hollow things may likewise be grabbed from the inside (e.g. aluminum tube).

The gripper insertion in the robot has been altered to a magnetic tip, allowing grippers to be replaced more quickly and efficiently.

Specification Value
Max operating width 97.49 mm
Motor XL330 Servo Motor
Weight 83 g
Power Supply 5 V
Operating temperature 5-45°C