Large Gripper – Ned2

With this gripper compatible only with the Ned2 robot, you will be able to catch larger objects than with the custom gripper provided with the robot. The two fingers of the gripper remain parallel, so the grabbed object does not slide forward.

The Niryo Large Gripper for Ned2 is intended for use with the educational robot Ned2. You will be able to grab bigger things with this gripper than with the bespoke gripper that came with the robot. The gripper’s two fingers remain parallel, preventing the seized object from sliding forward.

The gripper insertion in the robot has been altered to a magnetic tip, allowing grippers to be replaced faster and more efficiently.

Specification Value
Max operating width 79.2 mm
Motor XL330 Servo Motor
Weight 72.5 g
Power supply 5 V
Operating temperature 5-45°C