Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump is particularly efficient for fast and dependable pick and place, and it allows you to pick objects that a standard gripper cannot. For example, remove the lid of a flat box, move soda cans from the top, pick and place large objects with a flat surface.

Most vacuum pumps make so much noise that you can’t stand or work near the robot because it’s too distracting. The pump we created is unique in that it operates silently, with the same efficiency as a vacuum pump, and at the same cost. A servomotor drives a syringe, which expels the air.

Specification Value
Vacuum pump control Integrated XL320 Servo Motor
Weight (on the end effector tool) 10 g
Total weight 170 g
Payload 300 g
Power supply 7.6 V
Operating temperature 5-45°C
Vacuum tube dimension 20 mm
Picking distance from end effector base 47 mm