Automatic spray etching machine double sided AUTOJET II


Double sided model with rinsing and thermostated heater (water inlet draining and rinsing on the back of the machine).

• Etching time 2 minutes with a new ferric chloride at 30°C.

• Small capacity of etching (75 liters) ideal for laboratory.

• Etching of high quality due to the pump and the flat nozzles

• The Autojet machine includes 2 chambers : one for the etching and the other for the rinsing

• Integrated heater

• Automatic spray etching machine with vertical conveyer

• Performent

• Economic & speed

• Rinsing chamber built-in

• Adjustable speed of the conveyer
• Welded PVC

  • Automatic vertical transport of circuits.
    The vertical position guarantees an etching homogeneity on both sides (removal of the “”spill”” effect on the upper face in horizontal position).
  • The circuit is conveyed in the various modules (etching & rinsing). A submerged pump sprays iron perchloride through flat fan nozzles located on both sides of the circuit.
  • The etching time of 2 minutes with iron perchloride overactivated at 30 ° C.
  • Automatic circuit transport by vertical conveyor

   Product kit  including:

1x disposable polyethylene gloves bag of 100 
1x pen CIF direct engraving black 1x plastic clip for film and printed circuit 
2x plastic trays economic series
1x cleaner for ferric chloride pot of 100g 
2x Boosted ferric chloride 5L can
1x ferric chloride neutralization kit
1x pump 6L / minute 

Type : METEOR 220.EE
Working area : 200 mm x ∞
Electrical Supply : 230 V – 50/60Hz
Capacity : 16 L
Dimensions L x w x H  : 760 x 430 x 510 mm
Net weight : 35 kg
Automatic control of  rinsing water : Yes