Reflow oven FT05 Advanced

Forced convection reflow oven for prototypes and small series.
The reflow oven FT05.ADV is a new generation of professional oven.
It was created to work with the new high temperature alloys.
For a best precision the heat is distributed by forced convection.


  • Complete view of the card through a large window
  • Compact model but offering a reflow working area of 350 x 400 mm
  • Display on LCD screen of the different advice
  •  Internal or external probe can be used as a reference regulation of the reflow profile
  • Memorisation of 10 programmes as standard
  •  Compatible for high temperature alloys above all lead free
  •  Heat through forced convection.
  •  Temperature control by microprocessor.
  •  Very easy programmation for a simple use
  •  Fully secured oven.

SMTIX 2.0 included as standard for:

  •  Control of  oven using SMTIX 2.0
  •  Possibility to create up to 10 temperature increments
  •  Memorization of an infinite amount of programs
  • Data collection
  •  Ergonomic user interface

SMTIX 2.0 is a single-user license (1 pc) more licenses on request.

SMTIX 2.0 requires a Windows® 10 PC (not included)

The FT05 Advanced Auto differs from the FT05 Advanced in that it has a motorized fume extraction valve that allows automatic control of the fume extraction door

Part number V900324 V900332 V900038
Control Software SMTix 2.0 INCLUDED
Working area : 350 x 400 mm
Heating levels without software : 2
Heating levels with software : Up to 10 (SMTIX 2.0)
Heating elements 4 x 1 KW
Temperature control By microprocessor
Max. working temperature Up to 300°C
Thermic stabilisation time About 5 minutes
Heat treatment 70 hours max.
Noise level Bellow à 50 dBA
Dimensions 730 x 640 x 380 mm

730 x 640 x 380 mm (oven)

307 x 307 x 410 mm (filtration)

Weight 39 Kg 40 Kg 52 Kg
Power supply 230 V – 50/60 Hz
Auto. Exhaust Valve Management NO YES NO
Thermocouples included as standard 1 1 3