Falcon Inline AOI System


Developed in the UK and distributed worldwide the Prey range of equipment created by Detech Europe Limited is a continually developing and improving windows 10 based software interface combined with a quality hardware platform.

Based upon Detechs many years of experience in the electronics manufacturing sector the Prey range is designed to offer customers what they want and need while keeping costs down and implementation simple.

The Prey AOI range offers a price competitive solution that makes full inspection capabilities accessible at almost every budget without sacrificing functionality and ease of use. Our systems have been optimised for remote support to enable us to get our customers answers fast meaning their manufacturing process can have maximum up time.

 Our flagship inspection system the Prey Falcon Plus offers all the capabilities of machines more than twice the cost. A full inline camera-based system with the ability to inspect almost any component. The Falcon combines excellent mechanical stability with the latest in 64bit software to gibe one of the most truly unique inspection solutions found anywhere in today’s global market.

Prey combines all its systems with our tried and tested rework and trace-ability solutions to give any user a complete picture of their manufacturing process.


  • Camera: Top 5M Pixels Camera
  • Camera Resolution : Standard : 15um Optional 10um
  • Lighting: 4 Colour Lighting Ring (RGBW)
  • X / Y Movement: AC Servo Motor Ball Screw and Linear Rail
  • PC Configuration: P4 Intel Dual Core 2.5GHz CPU 6G DDR3 Memory 1TB HDD and CD-Rom
  • Power Supply: 1P 220V 50/60Hz 10A
  • Machine Dimensions: Length: 1013mm x Depth: 1200mm x Height: 1810mm
  • Machine Weight: 795 Kg
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Programming: CAD File Loading Manual Teaching
  • Statistic Data Functon: SPC Software
  • Minimum PCB Size: 50mm x 50mm
  • Maximum PCB Size: 510mm x 560mm
  • Maximum PCB Thickness: <6.0mm
  • Clearance: Top / Bottom: 40/40mm
  • Clamping Edge: >3.0mm
  • Component Inspection Tests: Missing Reversed Shi􀀡 Damaged Skew Tombstone
  • Solder Inspection Tests: No Solder Insufficient/Extra Solder Bridge
  • Smallest Component Inspection: Chip: 0201 (15um Lens) Chip: 01005 (10um Lens)
  • Barcode Reader: 1D or 2D Barcode Reading Via Camera