Custom Gripper Jaws pack

With this pack of jaws, extend your Ned’s capabilities. Ned has a customizable gripper;change its jaws and let the robot handle objects that could not be grabbed with the standard jaws

The Niryo Custom Gripper Jaws Pack NED expands the capabilities of your Ned. Ned features a programmable gripper: modify its jaws in seconds and allow the robot handle items that the standard jaws couldn’t.

Specification Value
Max operating width XL Jaws: 73.92 mm
Flat Jaws: 35.92 mm
Precision Jaws: 48.92 mm
Picking distance from end effector base XL Jaws: 85 mm
Flat Jaws: 90 mm
Precision Jaws: 85 mm
Weight XL Jaws: 107 g
Flat Jaws: 123 g
Precision Jaws: 101 g