Conveyor Belt

The Niryo One Mini Robot Conveyor Belt enables you to create a prototype of an automated, bidirectional, speed-adjustable production line. It is used in conjunction with the Niryo One robot or a controller module compatible with it.

     Main characteristics:

  • Bidirectional drive (forward and backward)
  • Adjustable speed
  • Autonomous
  • Fits in the Ned / Niryo One Ecosystem

    Controlling the conveyor:

The conveyor belt can be controlled by the robot or independently

with the robot :

  1. Connect the conveyor to the robot
  2. Choose your programming method
    (Niryo Studio, Python API…)
  3. You are ready to control the production line.

Optional : Mount the photoelectric switch on the conveyor
Connect it to the robot


  1. Connect the controller module to the motor
  2. Plug the power supply in
  3. The conveyor is working in autonomy.

Use the variator to adjust the direction and the speed
Optional : Mount the photoelectric switch on the conveyor
Connect it to the controller module

The contents of theVision Standard Set niryoNED2 pack:

The Niryo one Mini robot Conveyor Belt is available in two versions: Standard Version and Education Version


Specification Value
Effective Delivering Distance 700 mm
Dimensions 712 mm × 225 mm × 60 mm
Direction of movement Bidirectional
Maximum speed 38 mm/s (reduced in autonomous mode)
Maximum payload 2 kg
Drive Mode Niryo Stepper Motor
Control Method Niryo One Studio / Niryo Studio / Python API / Niryo One Modbus / Arduino

IR sensor


Specification  Value 
Power 4.5 V – 5.5 V
Signal Digital input
Range 6 cm – 80 cm