Conveyor Belt (v2)

With Conveyor Belt (v2) you may use it to create your next industrial manufacturing line or to further your robotics programming knowledge.

The Conveyor Belt (v2) simulates an industrial production line on a small scale, allowing you to discover how it works.

We redesigned the Conveyor Belt (v2) framework to provide a strong and simple magnetic holding mechanism, allowing you to focus solely on your Industry 4.0 ideas.

The Conveyor Belt (v2) comes with its own Control Box for independance use.

Niryo One, Ned, and Ned2 are all compatible.


   Main characteristics:

  • Bidirectional drive (forward and backward)
  • Adjustable speed
  • Autonomous
  • Fits in the Ned2 ecosystem

Controlling the Conveyor Belt (v2):

The conveyor belt can be controlled by the robot or independently

With the robot: 

  1. Connect the Conveyor to Ned2.
  2. Choose your programming method (Niryo Studio, PyNiryo, PyNiryoROS…).
  3. You are ready to control your production line.

Optional: Mount the IR sensor on the conveyor and connect it to the robot


  1. Connect the control box to a power source
  2. Connect it to your Conveyor (v2)
  3. Control your Conveyor (v2) in full autonomy, by adjusting its speed thanks to the potentiometer present on the box. 

Optional : Mount the IR sensor on the conveyor & connect it to the control box.

 Conveyor Belt (v2):
Specification Value
Effective Delivering Distance 700 mm
Dimensions 712 mm × 225 mm × 60 mm
Direction of movement Bidirectional
Maximum speed 70 mm/s
Maximum payload 2 kg
Control Method Niryo One Studio / Niryo Studio / PyNiryo / PyNiryoRos / Niryo One Modbus / Arduino


  IR sensor:
Specification Value
Power 5 V
Signal Digital output
Range 6 cm – 80 cm