EasyPIC v7a


EasyPIC is an old friend. Many of us made our first steps in embedded world with EasyPIC. Today it has thousands of users: students, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and professionals. It’s used in many schools and other educational institutions across the globe.

We asked ourselves what we can do to make such a great board even greater. And we equipped it with our revolutionary new programmer & debugger – CODEGRIP. We now present you with the new version 7a that brings so much more, and we hope that you will be thrilled with your new board, just as we are.



CODEGRIP on board

Powerful on-board CODEGRIP USB-C programmer and In-Circuit debugger can program and debug over 260 microcontrollers. You will need it, whether you are a professional or a beginner.

mikroBUS™ sockets

Just plug in your Click board, and it’s ready to work. We picked up a set of the most useful pins you need for development and made a pinout standard you will enjoy using.

Amazing connectivity

EasyPIC v7a is all about connectivity. Having four different connectors for each port, you can connect accessory boards, sensors, and your custom electronics easier than ever before.

Dual Power Supply

EasyPIC v7a is among few development boards which support both 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers. This feature greatly increases the number of supported MCUs. It’s like having two boards instead of one!



CODEGRIP is a unified solution, designed to perform programming and debugging tasks on a range of different microcontroller devices (MCUs) based on the Microchip PIC architecture. The USB-C connector offers improved performance and reliability, compared to traditionally used USB Type A/B connectors.

 The powerful CODEGRIP module, an integrated programmer/debugger module supports a wide range of different 8-bit PIC MCUs, produced by Microchip. It allows in-place programming and debugging of all the supported MCUs, offering many useful programming/debugging options and seamless integration with the Mikroe software environment.



EasyPIC v7a development board is supported by a powerful CODEGRIP Suite, offering complete control over the EasyPIC v7a development board. It is used to intelligently manage programming and debugging tasks, and to configure various other options and settings, providing visual feedback through its clean and comprehensive Graphical User Interface (GUI). To better understand how to operate and configure EasyPIC v7a development board and its integrated CODEGRIP module, a separate manual is provided on this link.

Type 7th Generation
Architecture PIC (8-bit)
Programming USB
Silicon Vendor Microchip
MCU Socket DIP
mikroBUS No. 2
Supply Voltage USB,External
Category 7th Generation