USB104 A7: Artix-7 FPGA Development Board with SYZYGY-compatible Expansion

The Digilent USB104 A7 boasts power and versatility in a compact and rugged package for industrial SWaP applications. Designed for use across the industrial temperature range, the USB104 A7 features the Xilinx Artix-7 XC7A100T with an operating range from -40C-100C.* The USB104 A7 also features a SYZYGY port for high-speed data acquisition through the addition of Zmod expansion modules. This allows users to quickly develop and run customized FPGA-based data acquisition and signal processing applications on embedded systems. Ideal application areas include industrial automation, embedded OEM, telecommunications and mil-aero.

The USB104 A7 conforms to the small and rugged PC/104 board outline and mounting dimensions. I/O is provided with on-board LEDs and push-buttons. The SYZYGY compatible Zmod expansion is supplemented with three 12-pin Pmod ports. An onboard USB hub and controller conveniently interfaces the USB104 A7 with JTAG, UART, and a parallel data interface (DPTI) through a single connection. The DPTI data transfer interface provides host-to-FPGA data transfer and is easily managed with Digilent’s Adept 2 application. This ease of use and high-speed data transfer is especially useful for deployed systems.

More on Pmod Expansion

Pmod™ devices are small I/O interface boards that offer an ideal way to extend the capabilities of programmable logic and embedded control boards. Designed by Digilent and used throughout the industry, the Pmod Standard has become one of the most widely adopted expansion standards for rapid prototyping with FPGA development boards.

More on Zmod Expansion

Zmod is Digilent’s new expansion solution using the open-source SYZYGY standard from Opal Kelly. Faster than the Pmod Standard and more compact and cost-effective than FMC, Zmods improve the customizability options for high-speed measurement and I/O.

  • FPGA 
    • Logic Cells: 101,440
    • DSP Slices: 240
    • Memory: 4,860 Kbits
    • GTP 6.6Gb/s Transceivers: 8
    • I/O Pins: 300
  • Memory
    • 512MB DDR3/DDR3L with 16-bit bus @ 800Mbps (1.5V) or 667Mbps (1.35V)
    • 16MB Quad-SPI Flash for storing FPGA configuration
  • Power
    • Powered from a 5V external DC adapter attached to barrel jack or from USB header
    • Automatic switching between USB and external power, with external receiving preference
    • NCP380 load switch limits USB current to 2 amps and reduces in-rush current
  • USB
    • USB-JTAG Programming circuitry
    • USB-UART bridge
    • Adept DPTI/DSPI data transfer interface for high speed host to FPGA data transfer
    • Onboard USB hub eliminates the need for multiple USB cable connections
  • Push-buttons and LEDs
    • 2 push-buttons
    • 4 LEDs
  • Expansion Connectors
    • One standard SYZYGY port (Zmod)
    • Three standard Pmod ports
  • PCB adheres to PC/104 form factor and includes the standard mounting holes
    • Board is 3.775” x 3.550” (95.89 mm x 90.17 mm)